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Resolve Your Quest Piping Concerns with Streamline Plumbing Experts

At Streamline Plumbing, we specialize in addressing Quest piping issues, offering comprehensive solutions for whole house replacements or targeted repairs. 

History of Quest Piping

Quest piping, or polybutylene piping, was favored in homes from the 1970s to the 1990s for its installation ease. Despite its initial popularity, it became known for potential brittleness and leak risks over time. It was eventually completely banned in Virginia in the mid 90s. While most houses in Albemarle Country with Quest piping have been completely repiped there is still some houses that have walls filled with Quest piping. Streamline Plumbing offers unmatched expertise in managing, repairing, and replacing Quest piping systems with precision and durability.

Identifying Quest

Quest is easily identified from its unique light grey color.


Here is a picture of a quest leak in a ceiling that Streamline fixed.

The Solution

While repairing the leaks that pop up can be good for some situations we generally recommend replacing all of the quest piping in the house for a future proof, worry free upgrade.

Schedule Appointment

Schedule Streamline to come out and advise you on your situation and give you an exact price to upgrade your home. 

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